Sour Selection
Sour Selection

Sour Selection



We’ve selected a range of sour beers, encompassing a breadth of styles and brewing techniques, from the champagne-esque lambics to historic flanders red.

Beers included:

  • Geuze Boon - 7% (375ml). 
Mild lambic, aged in an oak cask with very fresh, fruity touches of citrus.
  • Lindemans Faro - 4.5% V (375ml)
. Candied sugar gives a tangy sweet-sour taste.
Kriek Boon - 4% (375ml). 
Refreshing cherry beer with a nice tart finish.

  • Rodenbach - 6% V (330ml)
. Aging for two years in brandy casks results in an unusual tartness.
Duchess de Bourgogne - 6% V (330ml)
Tart and refreshing with sour cherry and apple flavours.

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