Trappist Specials
Trappist Specials

Trappist Specials



A range of trappist beers, brewed by Monks, each selected from different Monasteries.

The Trappist beers are brewed not-for-profit and the money is fed back in to charitable causes. All Trappist beers are verified by the ‘trappist’ stamp on each bottle.

Beers included: (All Vegan and 330ml)

  • Orval - 6.2%. 
Intensely aromatic, dry & hoppy. A Belgian classic.

  • Westmalle Tripel - 9.5%. 
A complex beer with a fruity aroma & a nice hop scent.

  • La Trappe Dubbel - 7%. 
Smooth with a rich malty flavour and a touch of sweetness.

  • Rochefort 8 - 9.2%
. Caramel, honey and stone fruit flavours with a rich foam.
  • Chimay Blue - 9%. 
Warming, chocolaty-bitter beer; develops as it warms.

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